How Do Hunter Boots Fit – The Ultimate Hunter Boot Fitting Guide

As a hunter, you know that hunting is not just a hobby. It is an obsession. You are always looking for ways to make your hunts more enjoyable and successful.

One way you can do this is by buying the right pair of boots. Unlike other shoes, the fit of these important pieces of equipment changes very little over time because they are made to be durable and withstand harsh conditions in the wilderness.

Here, we will go over how good hunters buy their boots so that they have an easier time finding what they need with less hassle.

This blog post discusses how hunter footwear should fit and provides information on how to find out what size boot would work best for you.

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How Do Hunter Boots Fit?

Rain boots are not for the faint of heart. There is no perfect rain boot, but Hunter has a variety to choose from that fits different needs and styles. Whether you want something with high-top or low-cut style material, there is an option in store for everyone.

Let’s dive into the main styles and check if they can fit!





Refined Slim Boot

If you are looking for a long dress that won’t show off your calves, this one is designed just for you. The shaft height of the skirt is 15.2 inches and it has elastic seaming at 14.2 inches to prevent any embarrassing slips.

You know what they say, “don’t judge a book by its cover.” But if you want to make the most of your legs we suggest this style.

We made sure it is wide enough around for those hard-working calves and with an ankle height that will give them some breathing room.

The Original Refined is perfect for all those leg days at the gym. This shoe has been designed specifically for athletes who have had their fair share of squats and lunges.

Which means not only does it come in wider calf sizes but also features 16″ high ankles so there are no more pesky sweat marks on your socks or pants.

Huntress Boot

The Huntress is a style of boots that are perfect for those looking to go on long hikes, but who do not want to strain their feet.

The huntress design was created with a more relaxed fit in mind. It will never hurt your feet so much you can not walk any longer and makes wearing them easy over the course of time.

Original Tall Boot

LaCrosse Men's 18" Burly Air Grip Hunting Boot

The original tall boot is a staple of the company’s collection. It is an iconic style that, year after year and season to season, remains in fashion.

The Original Tall Boot has been around longer than many others can remember. It is not hard to see why with its timeless silhouette and classic heel height? This boot will never go out of style!

Wide Fit Boot

Wide feet

The Original Wide Fit Boot is the last word in comfort and style for those with larger feet. Adding an extra inch of circumference around your calf.

There is a boot here to suit you no matter what size foot you have. There are also two more styles – Norris and Brakeman which offer even further variety if that isn’t enough already.

Original Adjustable Boot

You are looking for a boot that is both comfortable and practical? With this adjustable Hunter, you will never have to deal with boots too tight at the shin or ankles.

And because it has an elasticized gusset lining, your calf will be free from restriction upon movement.

Tips To Consider Before Checking The Hunting Boot Fits

  • Buy Half Size Down From The Original Size

If you are between sizes, it is important to go a half size down when purchasing your best hunter boots. If they do not fit right away in the store, that does not necessarily mean they will stretch out over time and start fitting better.

In most cases, the opposite actually occurs where people have gone up a whole size too soon only to regret their decision and now need new shoes altogether.

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