Breaking in Your Hunting Boots: 7 Steps | How To Break In Hunting Boots

Discover the best way to break in your hunting boots and avoid blisters and discomfort on your next hunt. Follow our expert tips for how to break in hunting boots!

The hunt begins and you are out in the woods, ready to do what you love. But wait! What about your boots?

You have been hunting for years with these old shoes that were hand-me-downs from your father.

They are dirty, they smell terrible, and it is time for an upgrade.

It is not hard to break in a new pair of hunting boots, just use this guide as a reference so you can make sure they fit like a glove before going on any big hunts.

What Does Breaking-in In Boots Mean?

You know that feeling when you get a new pair of shoes? You walk around in them for hours, inspecting the details and figuring out how they fit.

So what does it mean to break-in your boots? It is all about getting into those nooks and crannies until there is no more space left

When people refer to breaking in their shoes, most of the time they’re talking about a process that makes them more comfortable.

But you do not necessarily need to wear your shoes for a few days or even weeks, many can break-in without any special attention at all.

Different leathers react differently depending on where and how often you use them, but there is one thing we know never fails: every pair needs love before reaching its full potential.

Breaking-in boots can be an intimidating process that is often riddled with frustration and sorrow.

Breaking in new shoes or boots can leave some people feeling like they are going through a bit of hell, never really knowing if the sacrifices will pay off in the end.

The good news for those who have yet to break their pair in? There is hope on the horizon because it does get better.

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How To Break In Hunting Boots?

You might be thinking about going out into a field for some fresh air when breaking in your newly bought pair of hunting boots is an ideal way.

However, it is important not to wear anything with delicate fabric while doing so because rough terrain can soon tear through even tough material like denim jeans if they are already worn down from previous outings hiking up mountain sides or smoking at bonfires near riverside campsites.

Follow the guide in order to easily break in hunting boots;

1- Put on the boots and wear them for about a half-hour

Wear new hunting boots to make sure they are comfortable and ready for the work ahead.

Put on your favorite pair of shoes, as it’s time to break in those brand spankin’ fresh booties.

You will be doing some serious walking so you want something that will feel like an extension of your feet by day two when the hunt begins.

Walk around inside or outside depending if you are wearing rubber soles or leather soles with a pack containing weight equivalent to what would be carried during a long-distance hike.

While carrying gear such as binoculars, rifle cases, ammunition boxes etc, just enough weight to simulate real feeling without being too heavy since we do not have all afternoon here.

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2- Fill a bucket with water, dip your feet in it, and then walk around the house

Keep your boots looking great with this easy trick. Dip the foot of your boot in a bucket and walk around to remove any dirt or debris from them before you start hunting.

Use an old fashioned, tried-and-true method for keeping those knee deep puddles out of your way when wading through streams: soapy water.

Fill up that bucket over there with some warm sudsy water, dip one foot into it at a time like they show on TV commercials.

Then go see what is lurking about outside while enjoying fresh air without mud getting all caked onto everything else including yourself.

3- Take your new hunting boots to an outdoor store where they sell hunting supplies

You should take your new hunting boots to an outdoor store where they sell supplies for the sport of hunting.

This way, you can break them in with a few hours worth of walking around the store before putting miles on their soles chasing prey.

You should stop by that outdoorsy shop and see if they have any products or knowledge related to breaking-in those big old heavy duty leather things we call boots.

4- Ask one of the employees there to help you

If you are a new hunter looking for some pointers, try the “new boots” test by wearing your newly purchased hunting boots over pinecones or gravel.

If they can handle it without any discomfort and don’t cause blisters in between wearings then congratulations.

You have got yourself some good-quality footwear!

5- Make sure that you are wearing thick wool socks

Wearing thick wool socks is an old-school trick when breaking in new boots. The fabric will not only protect your feet but also make the experience more enjoyable and less painful.

The boot should not have an opportunity to rub up against your skin when it is made of wool.

Make sure that you are wearing thick wool socks before breaking in these boots so they do not rub up on the wrong parts of your foot too much.

6- Use an old towel or rag to wipe off any dirt from the bottom of the hunting shoes

If you want to make sure your new shoes are ready for the outdoors, it is important that they’re clean and dry.

Needless to say, there is no better way than by using a towel or rag after each time you go out into nature. So as not only break them in but also remove any dirt accumulated on their bottom from walking around outside.

After every excursion through the wilderness, use an old towel of cloth material like cotton t-shirt fabric.

Or even denim jeans at home before putting back on those beautiful hunting boots because if done right then these items will help prevent wear and tear while breaking down tough mud with ease.

7- Try breaking in the boots at room temperature

If you are going hunting for the first time, it is best to break in your new boots slowly and at a comfortable temperature.

It makes sense that they will be stiffer when cold so if you wear them out of the store or home without warming up first then chances are there will be some discomfort involved with wearing them all day long.

You can try breaking them in by putting on socks inside-out and walking around indoors until they start feeling more like slippers than awkward shoes or worse.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much wear and tear do your boots go through on a normal day?

On average, how many miles does someone walk each day in their work or leisure activities? However, if you are not walking that distance then the number of times you put them on per week can be used to determine wear-and-tear.

Do you have any tricks or techniques to break hunting boots faster?

Do not let stiff leather impede upon your hunt this season. Think outside the box with these unique tricks that will keep those feet nice and comfy.
One way would be sprinkling cornstarch over every inch of their surface while they are still dry.
Alternatively, melt some candles nearby so when left alone long enough can form an opaque coat around each boot without causing any damage.

What kind of break-in process do you have to do for your hunting boots?

It really depends on the time of year and where you are hunting. For instance, I usually break in my boots by taking a long walk through wet grass or up steep hills to make sure they are well broken-in for wintertime hunts when it is snowy.

Do you get new boots and then use these techniques on the old ones, or vice versa?

There’s no wrong answer. You can wear out an entire shoe collection one by one. Then again, there is something to be said for getting brand-new shoes fresh from their box.
They are so squeaky clean they almost sound like music when walked on.


Breaking in your new hunting boots can be a difficult task.

To help make this process easier, we have put together the following guide to break-in your newest pair of hiking boots or work shoes so you have more time for hunting and less time spent on breaking them in.

What are some tips that helped you break-in your own pairs? Let us know below if any of these strategies worked for you.

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